A new start


A friend of mine recently undertook a challenge. In his long commutes everyday, he decided to spend time reading. And what he read he wrote about. Inspired by his efforts and seeing some of the interesting titles he covered in his one year journey, I’ve decided to follow suit, only more privately.

My new home is a long ways off from work and I see the long commute as an opportunity to read and think. But there is a mind block, to both reading and writing. But I shall force myself nevertheless to start.

In the past 4 to 5 years I’ve limited myself to reading non-fiction and the kind of books that take long to complete. Unfortunately, I’ve never had long spells to free time to complete them and so a lot of books have remained half read. I’m torn between completing the half read ones and starting new less heavier books to get the habit started. The latter sounds appealing but I don’t have one to start immediately.

I am looking forward to a book I had ordered recently ‘The Science of God’, based on a blog I had read. Until then I will probably continue to read ‘There is A God’ by Anthony Flew.

I’m also looking forward to starting a Society of some sort that discusses some of these fundamental ideas of identity, origin, meaning and destiny. I’d like to call it ‘The Socratic Club at Hennur’. That is still work in progress.

Here’s to hoping this season sets the tone to interesting readings and discussions!

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